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What are the Gomutra Benefits ? Cow urine benefits

What are the Gomutra Benefits? Cow urine benefits

What are the Gomutra Benefits? The analysis of cow urine has shown that it contains nitrogen, sulphur, phosphate, sodium, manganese, carbolic acid, iron, silicon, chlorine, magnesium, melci, citric, nitric, succinic, calcium salts, vitamin a, b, c, d, e, minerals, lactose, enzymes, creatinine, hormones and gold acids. A person falls ill when there is deficiency or excess of the substances inside the body. The cow urine contains those substances, which are present in the human body. Consequently, consumption of cow urine maintains the balance of these substances and remedies incurable diseases. Cow urine benefits

The Aryavaidyasala, Kottakkal, Malappuram district, in Kerala, India, a premier institution offering traditional Ayurvedic treatment and doing extensive research in the field of Ayurveda, has developed some medicine for treating a certain type of cancer, a few years ago. It is verbalized that utilization of that medicine can remedy you of not just cancer, but ill effects of Chemotherapy.

Cow’s urine is utilized in some other ayurvedic medicines -medicines which were found quite efficacious-additionally, since time immemorial.

There are no medical or scientific data to support this practice, but it has roots in history and in some religious and spiritual traditions. Some people use it thinking that it can ‘cure’ certain diseases like cancer! If we could eradicate cancer with “Urine therapy” that would be a miracle! And miracles don’t occur 99.99% of the time! While it is true that urine can contain tumor antigens, there is no evidence to show that drinking, massaging with, bathing in, or any other application of urine will stimulate antibody production or in any way fight off a cancer. The quantities of substances, including tumor antigens, present in urine are typically minuscule compared with those already present in the blood and elsewhere in the body. The bottom line is that drinking urine has no known medical benefit.  Krishna KumariChalla, Ph.D. Microbiology, Osmania University

Gomutra Benefits (Cow urine benefits)

Cow urine benefits
Divya Godhan Ark 450ML –
Purified Cow Urine (Patanjali)

Many convenient elements contain in urine. Some of them are subsequent as below :


Urea is the main element contained in urine and is the end product of protein metabolism. It is a strong antibacterial agent.

Uric acid

Uric acid is closely resembling Urea and has solid antibacterial properties. It additionally controls tumor causing substances.

Minerals from pee can be easily re-assimilated as likened to those noteworthy from sustenance. Pee maybe fathoms more extraordinary sorts of minerals than those resultants of sustenance. Pee transform into obfuscated if left alone for some time This is on the grounds that when catalyst show in pee break down urea and change it into smelling salts then pee changes over emphatically soluble making it hard to liquify rich minerals. Subsequently, stale pee seems jumbled. It doesn’t suggest that it has ruined Pee with a higher ammoniacal issue content when associated with the skin accept an imperative part in enhancing it.

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Gomutra Benefits

Bioactive substance and hormones

  • Urokinase: Dissolves blood clots, helps in therapeutic heart diseases and expands blood circulation.
  • Epithelium growth factor: Helps, repair and regenerate damaged tissues and cells
  • Colony-stimulating factor: It is effective for cell separation and reproduction.
  • Growth hormone: Shows different bioactive effects such as the promotion of protein production, cartilage growth, fat decomposition.
  • Erythropoietin: Improves the production of red blood cells.
  • Gonadotropins: Improves the stabilization of menstrual cycle and sperm production Kallikrein: -Releases kallidin that expands peripheral veins and reduces blood pressure.
  • Trypsin inhibitor: Effective for prevention and healing of muscular tumor.
  • Allantoin: Heals wounds and tumors.
  • Anti-cancer substance: Anti-neoplaston, H-11 beta-indole-acetic acid, directing, 3-methylglyoxal, etc. differ from chemotherapeutic drugs, which kill or injure all kinds of cells. They strongly prevent the multiplication of carcinogenic cells and return them to normal.


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