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Pilot Training Institute In India

Pilot Training Institute In India

The flying industry is one of the most prominent industries in the world. Airline pilot is one of the very hard and difficult roles in aviation. It’s hard to procure a pilot’s license and the training which is rigorous. If you wanna be a pilot, you must join in a well-reputed training institute. Your institute can provide you the best possible training and a worldwide recognized certificate.
Choosing of well-reputed pilot training institutes are very important. Because there are a lot of fake institutes. Pilot Training Institute In India

1. Government Aviation Training Institute(GATI), Bhubaneswar.

Pilot Training Institute In India
Government Aviation Training Institute(GATI), Bhubaneswar

Courses offered by GATI :

  • Commercial Pilot License (CPL).
  • Student Pilot License (SPL).
  • Flight Radio Telephone Operator’s License (FRTOL).
  • round School, RTR(A) & Flight Training.
  • private Pilot License (PPL).

GATI has three dedicated airstrips at its disposal at Bhubaneswar, Hirakud, and Gopalpur –the ONLY institute to have this facility, which ensures that availability of airspace is never going to be a constraint. GATI has a fleet of four aircraft, two Cessna 152, one Cessna 172, and One Cessna 172 R Glass Cockpit, which is being enhanced to include multiengine as well as single engine aircraft to ensure uninterrupted & time bound flying.

GATI has an exclusive institute building with a well-equipped library, classrooms and, up-to-date audio-visual training aids and other facilities for effective ground training. It is manned by highly qualified flying and ground instructors, with long experience in the field of aviation and flying training. Institute has a well-equipped hangar with the complete technical setup for maintenance of the aircraft, ably supported by the certified and highly experienced team.

GATI offers secure, comfortable and hygienic boarding and lodging facilities separately for boys and girls.

2. All India Institute of Aeronautics, (AIIA), Dehradun.

Pilot Training Institute In India
All India Institute of Aeronautics AIIA Dehradun.

Courses Offered by AIIA :

  • Commercial Pilot Training
  • Flight Dispatcher.
  • Cabin Crew & Hospitality Management.
  • Air Ticketing and Travel Management.
  • BBA(Flying).
  • Airport Management.
  • BBA(Aviation, Hospitality & Tourism).
  • Air RT(RTR-A).
  • MBA(Aviation).
  • Certificate Course in Hotel Management.
  • Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality & Tourism.

Pilot Training Institute in India

All India Institute of Aeronautics AIIA is the renowned and esteemed educational organization where professionals like Pilots, Air-Hostesses and Flight Pursuers are success trained.

All India Institute of Aeronautics; inspired and deriving its strength from one of the greatest ladies of Indian history, is slowly and steadily bringing a ray of fresh light into the lives of the youth and the future of India. They take pride in introducing their selves as India’s No.1 Aviation Ground School in its widest reach, helping individuals prepare for the aviation sector and related fields at an affordable cost.

AIIA is a Government Registered ISO 9001 Certified Aviation School, which is affiliated to Karnataka State Open University, Annamalai University and Dibrugarh University (Assam). their teaching methods have been appreciated by many, and they are also an authorized study center of Bharat Sevak Samaj(Chennai).

The students of the institute desirous of pursuing their flying training in India, AIIA has collaboration with DGCA approved Bhubneshwar based Govt. Aviation Training Institute and in foreign in Philippines, USA, Canada the flying charges for Commercial Pilot License in the course details the cost would be around Rs.16 lacs for 220 hrs of CPL flying experience.

3. Ahmedabad Aviation and Aeronautics, Ahmedabad

Pilot Training Institute In India
Ahmedabad Aviation and Aeronautics Ahmedabad

Courses Offered at AAA

• Commercial Pilot License.
• Private Pilot License.

AAA’s success is built on a firm understanding of what the aviation industry is looking for and they train pilots accordingly. Their placement record is strong and they have graduated now working in India’s leading airlines, corporate airplanes, and flight schools.

Advanced Training Facilities :

AAA offers one of the best facilities to learn flying in India. They are committed to meeting the high expectations of the aviation industry. Their dedicated instructors, state of the art training facilities and latest aviation equipment combine to deliver the optimum training experience. AAA is one of the very few academies to operate from an International Airport apart from having user rights to conduct training at a self-controlled airfield. Pilot Training Institute in India

Infrastructure :

AAA is considered one of the best flying school in India, having its own hangars with all connected facilities at SV Patel International Airport.

Fleet :
AAA is the only flying institute in Ahmedabad, Gujarat with a fleet of 4 single-engine aircraft- Cessna 152/ Cessna 172.

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